Cookie policy


A cookie is a small file containing text data about your browser’s settings. This technology is used by the vast majority of websites. A cookie is downloaded when the visitor first visits the site, and when the visitor visits again from the same device, the cookie file is transferred back to the original resource (first-party cookie) or a third-party site (third-party cookie). This is the way to control the re-opening of the website through the same Internet navigation software. Sometimes the displayed data may look different.

The usefulness of a cookie is that re-entry for the website visitor becomes personalized and therefore more convenient. When using the same web browser and device, cookies remember settings and display information according to the user's preferences, needs and interests.


Use of Cookie Files in Cases Where User Consent is not Required

There is a special group of cookies: so-called technical files that are not involved in the formation of accessibility of the site's functions for the user. These files are categorized as first-party files and are used exclusively by AVION AERO LLC. They are needed to simplify the display of the configurator version depending on the settings of your Internet connection, to make it easier to switch from HTTP to HTTPS, to store the transmitted information when changing pages and to store the consent of visitors regarding the use of cookies by our site.

The use of technical cookies does not require the user's consent. You cannot disable the installation of these files by changing the settings.


There are 4 types of cookies depending on their function and purpose:

  • technical;
  • performance;
  • functional;
  • advertising.

Technical Cookie Files

This data helps with navigation and use of website functions. Without technical cookies, when returning to a page during a single session, individual options may not work. For example, the history of user actions (configurator settings, typed text) may not be saved.

Performance Cookie Files

The purpose of the files is to collect data about the use of the resource, such as information about the number of pages visited or confirmation of the fact that the visitor received an error message. Performance files are not responsible for user identification. Their task is to improve the functionality and increase the convenience of the resource. The stored information is anonymous and is used for statistical purposes.

Functional Cookie Files

These files store the data entered (user logins, locations of site visitors and language used). The information is necessary to improve the work of the resource, to adapt the functionality to a particular visitor, to personalize the content. For example, files for remembering the location can display various information of interest to residents of a particular region, such as taxes and real estate prices in your city. Functional cookies are used to activate options requested by the user, such as playing video content. The information is collected anonymously, without tracking the visitor's actions on third-party sites.

Advertising Cookies

The display of advertisements and other messages tailored to users' interests and preferences depends on these files. They regulate the number of impressions of an advertisement to one person and track the effectiveness of the advertisement. Cookies in this category remember which advertisers' sites a user has visited and can transfer the data to third-party companies, particularly advertising agencies. Cookie files involved in advertising targeting are often linked to third-party site functionality.

Settings of Cookie Files on this Site

You can always refuse cookies by changing your browser settings. Such changes will cause certain features of our site to be unavailable to you, and personal settings and preferences will not be saved.


The use of cookies ensures the efficient operation of the resource and improves interaction with users. If you do not change your settings, we will assume that you agree that the website of AVION AERO LLC will use all types of cookies. You can change the settings at any time and disallow the use of cookie files.