Door-To-Door Delivery

During domestic and international transportation our company provides door-to-door delivery service. This service means the transportation of cargo from the point of departure to the point of destination by one or more types of transport by our company, which deals with the whole process of transportation in a complex, taking into account the transportation route, characteristics of the cargo, the required delivery time and the Customer’s budget. Such transportation scheme minimises delivery time and the risk of damage to or loss of cargo, as the whole transportation process is handled by our company only. Direct agreements with Carriers, Warehouses, Customs Representatives and Insurance Companies, a well-developed agent network in Russian cities and abroad, as well as membership in international freight forwarders’ associations allow our company to successfully solve all logistics issues of the door-to-door delivery. Once all the details are agreed by the Customer, our specialists determine the most optimal and favourable scheme of transportation for the Customer, arrange all the necessary complex of services for transportation to ensure the cargo transportation within the time limits set by the Customer. The transportation process is monitored and accompanied by our specialists along the entire cargo route, which guarantees prompt resolution of any unforeseen issues and minimizes the risks of delays in cargo delivery. 

As part of the organisation of door-to-door delivery of cargo, we provide our Customers with a full range of services, including the following: 

  • Development of the transportation scheme and selection of the best types of transport taking into account the Customer's requirements;
  • Booking of freight capacity or chartering of vehicles;
  • Execution of transport and accompanying documentation for cargo;
  • Pick-up from the shipper's warehouse;
  • Freight forwarding in transit points;
  • Organisation of loading/unloading, including rental of special equipment (crane, loader, etc.);
  • Warehousing, packing and labelling of cargo;
  • Customs clearance of cargo;
  • Cargo insurance;
  • Delivery of the cargo to the consignee's warehouse;
  • 24/7 organisational and informational support of transportation. 

Our distinguishing features are:

- Individual approach to the Customer's requirements;
- Experienced and certified specialists;
- Competitive prices and flexible payment system;
- Exclusive attitude to each Customer.

By cooperating with our company, you get a reliable and responsible partner who will fulfil the task with guaranteed quality and in due time!

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