Passenger charter flights

Our company provides services related to organisation of passenger charter flights using various types of Russian and foreign aircrafts all over the world.  

If you need to organise transportation of passengers by charter flights to any part of the world, our specialists will promptly offer a full package of services related to planning and preparation of a charter flight in accordance with Russian and international regulations. When organising flights, our specialists are guided by domestic and international flight organisation rules, as well as IATA and ICAO regulations.

Our team of specialists has many years of experience in passenger charter flights, including:

- Corporate charter flights;
- Transportation of sports teams and fans;
- Shifts of employees of oil and gas and construction companies;
- Carriage of crews of sea vessels;
- Transportation of orchestras and musical ensembles;
- Transportation of large groups of passengers. 

When organising a passenger charter flight, the specialists of our company will:

  • Analyse the request and select the best aircraft type for the transportation;
  • Assess airport costs, analyse the technical characteristics of runways along the aircraft route and plan the best transport route;
  • Plan the flight schedule taking into account the Customer's wishes and the regulations of the airports along the aircraft route;
  • Organise passenger service, transfer and catering of passengers in airports and on board of the aircraft;
  • Track the flight and inform the Customer about the location of the aircraft at any stage of transportation 24/7.

We have our own Flight Support department and, when organising passenger charter flights, our specialists:

  • Ensure aircraft ground handling and refuelling, crew rest and accommodation at any airport in the world;
  • Provide service and transfer of passengers at airports, as well as on-board catering;
  • Ensure the obtaining of permits along the entire aircraft route;
  • Receive and provide the Customer with the information on aircraft movement throughout the route 24/7. If aircraft schedule changes, adjust flight schedules and provide relevant information to airport authorities;
  • Provide flight dispatch services.

By cooperating with our company, you get a reliable and responsible partner who will fulfil the task with guaranteed quality and in due time!

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