Cargo charter flights

In cases where transportation of cargo by regular flights is impossible or does not meet the Customer's requirements, to organise a cargo charter flight serves as an alternative. An important advantage of this method of cargo delivery is the possibility to transport large consignments of cargo on one flight, as the aircraft is fully chartered for one Customer, as well as the possibility of transporting non-standard cargo (heavy, oversized and dangerous goods prohibited for carriage on scheduled flights). 

Our company provides services related to organisation of cargo transportation by charter flights using various types of Russian and foreign aircrafts all over the world, as well as to hard-to-reach areas, military conflict zones and areas with complicated political situation. 

If you need to organise transportation of cargo by charter flights to any part of the world, our specialists will promptly offer a full package of services related to planning and preparation of a charter flight in accordance with Russian and international regulations. When organising flights, our specialists are guided by flight safety rules. 

If necessary, we ensure the obtaining of permits from the government authorities of the countries along the route of the aircraft, including diplomatic permits for special categories of cargo.  

Our team of specialists has many years of experience in transporting any category of cargo by air, including:

- Geophysical, oil and gas, industrial and medical equipment;
- Aviation, automotive, railway spare parts and components;
- Lighting products;
- Helicopters;
- Dangerous, oversized, heavy and other special categories of cargo. 

When organising a charter flight, the specialists of our company will:

  • Analyse the cargo characteristics and select the best aircraft type for the transportation;
  • When transporting oversized and/or heavy cargo, work out the technology of loading and unloading of the cargo, as well as design and, if possible, make special devices and equipment for loading, unloading and securing the cargo in the cargo compartment of the aircraft. Carry out technical examination of the cargo and its preparation for carriage;
  • When transporting dangerous goods (DG), determine the characteristics of the packaging and conditions of carriage in accordance with IATA and ICAO technical instructions for the safe carriage of DG by air;
  • Assess airport costs, analyse the technical characteristics of runways along the aircraft route and plan the best transport route;
  • If necessary, obtain an official recommendations of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation concerning the political situation in any country on the route of the aircraft;
  • Plan the flight schedule taking into account the regulations of the airports along the aircraft route;
  • If necessary, organise the operation of special equipment for loading and unloading of the aircraft at the airports of departure and destination;
  • When transporting live animals, give recommendations concerning the design of containers for their carriage and agree on a special temperature regime and other parameters of conditions inside the cargo compartment of the aircraft during the transportation;
  • If necessary, organise the pick-up of the cargo at the shipper's warehouse and its transportation to the airport of departure, as well as the delivery of the cargo after its air transportation from the airport of destination to the location of the final consignee, offer and organise complex logistic solutions of any complexity throughout the transport;
  • Provide cargo insurance during loading and unloading operations and its transportation;
  • Track the flight and inform the Customer about the location and condition of the cargo at any stage of transportation 24/7.

Our company has its own Flight Support department and, when organising cargo charter flight services, our specialists will:

  • Ensure aircraft ground handling and refuelling, crew rest and accommodation at any airport in the world;
  • Ensure the obtaining of permits along the entire aircraft route;
  • Receive and provide the Customer with the information on aircraft movement throughout the route 24/7. If aircraft schedule changes, adjust flight schedules and provide relevant information to airport authorities;
  • Provide flight dispatch services.

By cooperating with our company, you get a reliable and responsible partner who will fulfil the task with guaranteed quality and in due time!

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