Cargo insurance

When providing transportation and logistics services, our company offers its Customers the cargo insurance service. Our specialists have all the necessary knowledge and experience in all insurance products available on the market, which helps to choose the best type of insurance for the Customer according to its requirements and wishes. We have direct agreements and co-operate only with proven and reliable insurance companies of the Russian Federation. 

The most popular and demanded type of insurance among our Customers is all-risks cargo insurance as it covers practically all possible risks in the process of transportation and transshipment of cargo along the whole route, starting from the loading of cargo at the shipper’s warehouse up to the unloading of the cargo at the consignee's warehouse. The insurance rates for this insurance product are calculated individually based on the nature of the cargo, its value, transportation route and the means of transport used. 

All-risk cargo insurance provides the coverage for the following types of risks:

  • Damage to cargo during loading and unloading operations;
  • Damage to or loss of cargo in a vehicle accident;
  • Damage to or loss of cargo during storage in warehouses at transhipment points;
  • Damage to or loss of cargo in case of unlawful actions of third parties;
  • Damage to or loss of the cargo in case of force majeure and other unforeseen circumstances that occur during the transportation. 

Our company provides full support of the transaction of cargo insurance and settlement of all issues with the insurance company in case of an insured event. 

Our distinguishing features are:

- Individual approach to the Customer's requirements;
- Experienced and certified specialists;
- Competitive prices and flexible payment system;
- Exclusive attitude to each Customer.

By cooperating with our company, you get a reliable and responsible partner who will fulfil the task with guaranteed quality and in due time!

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