AVION AERO: member of the freight forwarders association WCA INTER GLOBAL - unique opportunities in the field of international transportation

AVION AERO LLC complies with all standards in the field of international cargo transportation and has access to a worldwide database of carriers and forwarders. The membership certificate of WCA INTER GLOBAL is the proof of it. AVION AERO joined the association in 2021 and the company`s membership in the World Cargo Alliance is renewed every year.

The international freight alliance includes more than 12 thousand offices of companies from 196 countries. Each alliance member is thoroughly checked for compliance with high standards in terms of experience, professionalism and financial stability. To maintain the quality of WCA INTER GLOBAL members’ work, the activities of each company are strictly monitored and, if all requirements are met, the membership is renewed. WCA INTER GLOBAL is managed by WCAworld, a larger and more powerful logistics network.

«What does our membership in the World Cargo Alliance bring to AVION AERO`s customers? These are high standards of service, favourable tariffs, careful treatment of cargo, optimal routes, additional convenient services, exclusive insurance terms and conditions, etc. We can transport our customers` cargo all over the world, as the number of countries covered by this association of forwarders grows every year», said Dmitriy Kirienko, Head of Air Transportation Department of AVION AERO LLC.

At the same time, the WCA Inter Global membership brings for AVION AERO LLC even more opportunities to develop cooperation with existing partners and increase the volume of transportation.

«For us, the World Cargo Alliance membership means, first of all, to take care of our customers and maintain our reputation, as the alliance unites only high-class and independent carriers» explained Dmitriy Kirienko.

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