AVION AERO - 10 years on the market

AVION AERO LLC is one of the leading enterprises in the aviation industry and has been successfully operating in the market for 10 years.

AVION AERO LLC is one of the leading enterprises in the aviation industry and has been successfully operating in the market for 10 years.

For 10 years the company has delivered more than 3 million kilograms of cargo to various points of Russia and the world, made more than 100 cargo and passenger charter flights, as well as serviced and refuelled more than 1000 flights of various airlines around the world.

During the term of its existence, AVION AERO has achieved success in all three areas of its business:

  • freight forwarding;
  • air charter flights (cargo, passenger, VIP);
  • flight support (aircraft ground handling and refuelling, obtaining permits, cargo handling, etc.).

The company's greatest development in the field of freight forwarding (logistics) has occurred in the last two years, during which the annual number of shipments and cargo traffic more than doubled.

It is worth noting that of the total volume of cargo transported by AVION AERO, almost 85% was transported by air and multimodal cargo transportation including air transport.

According to Nikolay Rostetskiy, General Director of AVION AERO LLC, AVION AERO has a number of advantages that allow the company to develop successfully.

In particular:

  • a developed agency network around the world, as well as membership in international freight forwarders' associations;
  • thorough examination of each customer's request by the company's experienced staff in all areas of the company's business;
  • long-standing partnerships and direct contracts with airlines, carriers, warehouses, customs representatives and insurance companies;
  • our own flight support department having direct agreements with fuel and service organizations in various airports of the world;
  • continuous optimization and expansion of the list of services provided, taking into account changing external factors and the difficulties faced by our customers in the current market conditions.

"Thanks to all this, we can offer our customers a full range of services in freight forwarding, air charter flights organizing and flight support anywhere in the world. The company's employees have extensive experience in handling various types of cargo: from small shipments to heavy, oversized and dangerous goods. This allows us to meet the diverse needs of the most demanding customers," said Nikolay Rostetskiy.

Currently, the most popular services for the company's customers in its logistics business are international and domestic air and multimodal transportation, including time critical shipments. The company's international transportation portfolio includes both: export destinations from Russia to Vietnam, China, South Korea, India, UAE, Turkey, African countries, and import destinations from China, South Korea, Turkey, UAE, India and Latin America to Russia.

For several years, AVION AERO has also been offering rail transportation services for cargoes from China to Russia FCL and LCL. Almost all the goods sent by the company this way are transported from different cities of China to Moscow and Saint Petersburg.

In addition, the company provides warehousing, insurance and customs clearance services. This approach allows customers to get all the necessary logistics solutions in one place, which saves time and resources.

In the past few years, the company has been actively introducing information technologies to automate all business processes, which makes it possible to enhance control and speed up the process of cargo delivery, to minimize errors and to improve reliability and quality of service.

In 2021, AVION AERO joined the international freight forwarders’ association WCA INTER GLOBAL, and since 2022 it has also been a member of JCTRANS LOGISTICS NETWORK association.

“By developing and joining associations and alliances, AVION AERO strives for maximum trust from customers and partners. This allows us not only to grow, but also to strengthen our position in the international market. Compliance with the highest standards of the industry is an integral part of the transport and logistics company,” said Dmitriy Kirienko, head of the air transportation department.

He also added that AVION AERO employed experienced certified specialists who had completed training in the transportation of dangerous goods by air and had international certificates.

One of the significant events for AVION AERO in 2023 was participation in TransRussia 2023 international transport exhibition.

At the event, AVION AERO presented a wide range of its services and capabilities thereby attracting the attention of visitors and potential customers. The company has demonstrated its expertise in the field of air cargo transportation and charter flights.

Participation in TransRussia 2023 allowed AVION AERO not only to gain new contacts and expand its customer base, but also to exchange experience with other representatives of the industry.

The company is not only successfully operating in the market, but is also actively planning its development for the next year. One of the important strategic tasks is participation in international exhibitions, which will be held in Moscow in 2024.

The first exhibition in which AVION AERO plans to take part is TransRussia 2024. This is the largest event in the field of transport and logistics, which brings together representatives of the industry from all over the world. Participation in the event will allow the company to demonstrate its achievements and advanced technologies to customers and potential partners.

Another exhibition, Logistika Expo 2024, will also be a significant event for AVION AERO. This event will present the latest developments and innovative solutions in the field of logistics. Participation in it will allow not only to learn about the latest trends in the industry, but also to share own experience.

Thanks to these factors, AVION AERO continues to develop and successfully compete in the market of logistics services, charter flights and flight support. 

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